The Cloud
Tamyka Bell

The Cloud—Link 58 and an announcement

Invisible or alone?
Synonymous until dawn.

Next: Jackie Ann

Happy–sad announcement

For info: BHD, Andy Meyer, Rachel B. Baxter, marika bianca.

After Jackie Ann, the next link will be by Renae Tobias, who accepted her invitation to the renga with a sweet little haiku.

She was the first person to spring to mind when we needed one more player, because of her fantastic work in our recent rengay, Rosy.

Renae is replacing Heath Houston, who has sadly informed us that he needs to leave the renga party.

I’ll be updating our player list as soon as Renae’s first link gets added.

A few notes for Renae Tobias

The key difference with the renga is that, because it’s longer and has more players, we’re posting the links as responses to the parent post, rather than nesting them, and I’m updating the complete poem as we go. So please post your link with a title The Link—Link xx each time, and remember to tag me (renga master) and the next player (BHD).

There are a few extra rules; one to note is that your link 95 will have to include flowers. If you’re unsure, check here:

or here:

or ask me or any of the players.