The Simpsons?
Edward Carbajal

Yes, we get stuff late. Some providers are getting better at releasing stuff sooner in Australia because they’ve finally figured out we’ll pay for it that way; if they wait too long, we just download it from whoever puts it up first.

I love The Simpsons and still quote it. I love Breaking Bad and quote it on a regular basis and think it’s some of the best screenwriting ever.

I love that Australians are universally liked for being happy-go-lucky battlers. I love that in America everyone wants to know if I know this person they met once twenty years ago (sometimes I do) and in France everyone’s relieved I’m not British (so am I, especially since Brexit) and in South Africa everyone’s relieved I’m not South African.

I hate that we don’t deserve that. I hate that everyone loves us even though we have our fair share of greedy, unforgiving, racist, sexist, nasty, lazy twats, just like other countries do. And it’s nice to hear someone call us out for it.

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