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You present an annoyingly logical argument, Anna Now.

I feel like, in the case of most marginalised groups, the speakers (writers) are calling for action to restore their rights.

So my immediate reaction here is to say that’s the point of difference: anti-abortion speakers are campaigning to take away reproductive rights from women. In this way, they’re more comparable to a white supremacy group campaigning against immigration and equality policies —and what an awful comparison I’ve just made .

But, of course, they don’t call themselves anti-abortion, do they? They are pro-life, fighting for the rights of ‘unborn children’ (children at any stage of development, even if its just a few cells). It’s a subtle difference.

They are choosing the rights of ‘unborn children’ over the rights of others, which is probably more appropriately comparable to anti-vaxxers…and I am a scientist, so I (personally) think that’s another group that deserves no space.

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