Essential Hiking Gear Every Beginner Needs

Hiking Gear
May 11 · 5 min read

Hiking is a very popular name among adventure lovers. Adventure seekers are always looking for some exciting and wild hiking trails. If you are a hiker and planning to go on a trip, you will need some very necessary hiking gears for the trip. When you will ask some experienced hikers about the proper hiking gears, you will hear a different opinion.

Actually, the gear you should take with you depends on some facts like the place you will hike, the weather and some other important facts. But there are some very basic gears that no one can ignore for a hiking trip. In this article, I will talk about those essential hiking gears that every beginner needs.

Must Need Hiking Gears for Beginner

Every hiking trip needs some preparations. There are many gears and equipment you can take with you for hiking but some gears are essential.

If you are gearing up for your first ever hike, these are some gears you just can’t go without:


The backpack is the most essential gear for a hiking trip. All the other necessary gears that you will take will be stored inside this. The size of the backpack depends on how long you are going on this trip. If you are going for a short hike in a mild climate, any bag from 500 to 1500 cubic inches of carrying capacity should do the job for you.

In today’s backpacks, you will find many kinds of fancy features. Check for the features and pick whatever feature suits best for your requirements as long they include:

Some sort of a frame which is internal and rarely external. Ultralight backpacks don’t have a frame in it.

A hip belt to help your pelvis to support the weight of the backpack and keep your shoulder free from weight.

A lid or waterproof zippers to protect the contents of your bag from rain and water.

There could be compression straps to compress and stabilize the load of the backpack.

At least one pocket which is quickly accessible. There could be more in some cases.


Footwear is very important for hiking. You must have heard some hikers go hiking barefooted. Even they don’t completely go barefooted. They wear some wacky toe shoes. The shoe is a gear without which you cannot move a single step on the trails. Even the ultralight hikers know that they cannot get far if their shoes or boots fall apart. The further you want to go in the trail, the sturdier your shoes should be.

When you are on a short hike, a pair of tennis shoes or cross-trainers can do the job for you. Keep one thing in your mind that, shoes or boots which are specific for hiking, can give you more stability, more support, better traction and will protect your feet from root and rock when you step on it. But at last, no matter what you are wearing, make sure they fit on your feet properly.


In the case of hiking, clothing is not just a matter of style, it’s a mobile shelter. In terms of clothing, everyone has their own preferences but there are few things you should always count on:

Cotton is a bad idea for every situation and weather of hiking.

Always keep a waterproof jacket. When you are going for a longer hike or you might be in a situation where you will be far from easy shelter, keep waterproof pants too.

If the weather is getting colder, keep some extra layer of clothes with you.


Water is the other form of life. No one can survive without water. You might be able to survive a few days without water depending on your environment. When the heat is building up and you are not drinking enough water, you could suffer from dehydration or even heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

So, it is impossible to go hiking without water. You can carry water in Nalgene bottles. If you have limited space, you can use plastic water pouches which you can roll into pouches when they are empty.

No matter what sort of bottle you carry, make sure you are carrying enough amount of water with you in the trail.

First Aid Kit

The trails are wild and rough. Any kind of accident can happen at any time or you can get sick. At that time, you might be in a place from you cannot move easily or cannot contact a doctor. So, it is better to carry a small first aid kit box in the backpack. Keep some very important medicines in that box. You can easily find a first aid box in your nearest medical shop or you can simply make your own box.


Essential gears for hiking are those gears without whom you cannot continue your hike on the trail. On the above post, I have described some of the essential hiking gears needed for a hiking trip. The list will increase and change according to the nature and time period of the hike and also with the climate and environment of the place you are going to hike. Without any of these gears, your hiking trip can become very worse. So, cross-check every gear before going into your hiking trip.

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