You studied economics, you can’t be a historian!

The other day I got a call from a recruiter. I’m already working in an MNC now. So I politely declined the job offer. But then he said me something which provided with some food for thought.

The first thing he said, “Your job portal heading says I’m a rare combo of marketing, hr & writing.. how would you justify that?”

I replied, “It’s obvious that if I have put so much of effort in studying marketing & hr, I will certainly know how to write because I’ve cleared 4 semesters for that & written stories for pages in my answer sheets.”

Him- “That’s a good point although I’m still confused, how an MBA got into content writing profession?”

Me- “Blame the job market for this. I was not finding a suitable job for me then & I grabbed whatever came my way.”

Him- “It’s like you’ve juggled the professions. At one point you taught MBA students & then at the next point you became a marketing executive. Then suddenly you changed your path & took up the research associate job. And then you became a freelance writer. After that you got into social media marketing & now you’re handling media intelligence. Wow! What are you exactly?”

Me (afraid that he’s being sarcastic)- “Well, first of all I’ve the capacity to work on anything that’s within my abilities. Secondly, a job isn’t separate from the office & management. So the point is, as long as the job is within my domain & the management is cooperative enough, I try to stick to it. The moment I find discrepancies, I switch with the confidence that with my hardwork & sincerity, I can fetch any job.”

Him- “Yes that’s why your cv drew my attention. People out there are afraid of change & you’re just playing with the planets. Seems like you’re on a tour, you’ve just visited Jupiter, the water is salty there so you moved to Mars to find a better taste & then you suddenly landed on Saturn just to see the rings. Quite interesting. However, I just missed the chance to allocate a resource like you to my client sadly because…”

Me (without letting him finish)- “… because sadly now I’m stuck at Pluto & I’ve lost my spaceship. I think I’ve to stay here for some time. If you find my spaceship somewhere, please send it my way so that I can safely land back on earth.”

Him (after a series of hahaha)- “This is why I liked your profile. My client is looking exactly for someone like you. Everyone else has an English or Masscom degree but your cv reflects your versatility. It says that you’re up for any challenge. Well I assume that you’ve joined the MNC recently & I’m one unfortunate recruiter to have missed you. Anyway, stay in touch & never hesitate to knock me whenever you feel like changing your field once more.”

Me- “Sure, thanks.”

It ended with a heap of remains in my head. Can’t we just study anything we wish to & get placed according to our skills not according to our degrees? If I’d studied commerce by mistake, shall I have to bear it for the rest of my life? Can’t I switch to literature? Can’t I have a flair for both science & arts? Can’t we all be multi-talented?

And I arrived at the conclusion, until & unless these limits are uprooted from our education system, our pool of talent won’t get utilised optimally. What do you think?

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