Do you know how much it damages your skin when you wax regularly? She did it. Everyday. Expecting him to touch her hands someday. She got skin rashes all over. But she never stopped. She never wished to spoil the moment because of a hairy hand. But he hardly noticed it.

He never liked makeup. He felt it makes you look so artificial. She stopped using any makeup & lived only on kohl. That’s one thing she couldn’t do without. She promised herself not to use excessive makeup. She loved painting her lips red. But she decided to choke her desire for red lipsticks. She intended to please him. But he was indifferent.

Once she thought of buying a gift for her friend. In the meantime he went bankrupt & sought her help. She immediately dropped her purchase plan & lent him the amount. That day she couldn’t buy the gift for her friend & it ruined their friendship. She lost her best friend but never complained.

When she was hungry the other day, he walked up to her & declared his hunger. She quietly handed him over her own lunch. She repressed her hunger just to feed him. He felt it was his right.

She never liked visiting theatres. It was his favourite thing to do. So she started paying visits to the theatre as well. It was monotonous. She yawned but never gave up. She wanted to impress him. He deliberately ignored her efforts.

He disliked her dressing style. He mocked at her clothes several times. Unknowingly, she also started to dislike it. Now all the clothes have been discarded. She never wears them again. But it meant nothing to him.

Gradually, she got customised according to his tastes.

And in the process, she realised that in an attempt to make him appreciate her, somewhere she has lost her true self.

People call it love. For her it was murder, murder of her entity. She’s a criminal. She deserves to be punished & so, now, she’s imprisoned for life…….. behind the bars of past!