What is grandma doing?

“Welcome to my family. Meet my dad, he works in a government bank. This is my mom, she’s a homemaker & this is my sister, she’s a high school teacher. Oh, and meet my grandma.”

Sounds like a familiar introduction session? For me too.

I often make people meet my family by explaining each & everyone’s profession, except my grandma’s. Why?

Last day I asked myself this question. “Why I never make my friends meet my grandma the way I make them meet the other members of my family?”

I searched for the answer & my inner self replied, “Because you consider her to be invalid. None of your friends expect her to do anything & so do you. She & her achievements doesn’t make sense now. She’s aged & useless now.”

I felt guilty. I decided to rectify my mistake.

Today I was talking to a guy about my family & told him about my parents & sibling. The usual stuff. Then I spoke the unusual.

“… and I’ve a grandma. She’s 82 years old. An excellent cook. She has earned her Masters from Calcutta University. She loves to gossip & is currently enjoying her wise age by spreading wisdom amongst others.”

The guy got terrified. Mocked me, “Seems like you are preparing her cv & she is going to attend some interview.. lol.”

“Yes she’s so knowledgeable & so sincere that she can easily fetch a job for herself. But stereotypes like you, would never accept a 82 years old competitor in the job field & will corner her with the excuse of being old. Get rid of your narrow thoughts. You still have time….. and I’m blocking you.”

The pleasure I derived from this conversation can’t be expressed in words. Probably you could find it in my eyes.

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