Love? Meh

Oh hello! Would you like to fall in love?

You wanna know what it feels like to be in love with someone eho doensnt love you?

Go ahead read

For every time I try to fall in love my fragile heart gets broken.- Tanae

I hate everything about you so why do I love you?

I hate you I love you

Yet you always seem so glad I hate you I love

Yet you make me feel so sad

I hate when I can’t think of anything then I start smiling thinking of you then I go pale and start feeling blue cause I know when I’ alone and thinking of you I know That you are only think of… you and her and notr you and me cause you she she is special and I am… Nothing but… Fragile why can’t I be her the girl you love

How come all the pretty ones and smart ones always get the guys?

How come you love her and make me feel blue yet I still some how SOMEHOW still love you and you haven't got a clue?

J.m.r are you clueless or do you really don’t know?

How can you not know I don’t love you

Dude I tell you every time of every single day

Your all I think about eachday and every fricken night I love you so much it hurst becouse when I get up tommarow knowing that you love her and not me it makes my heart burn!

My heart is so cold so deep so dark my heart is so broken but it feels like my heart my head spins around round round but do you see or notice how sad I am

I can’t help it if i’m sad that you love another just cause you don’t love the person who loves you doesn’t mean you can stand back and hurt her.

For now I’m broken my words unspoken as I fall freely to the ground I realize i’m in a hole i’m hiding from u im hiding from that oh yes I never told I keep you secret you give me crap and in return you give me what? A hand to hold for a broken heart a laugh? A smile DUDE I’M FALLING APART and if you really think you see/know whats really going on with me then yes go ahead try to get in my head….

Yah see? IT DOESN’T WORK FOR SO DARK SO DEEP ARE THE SECRETS THAT I KEEP THAT EVEN YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEY ARE I thought you were my friends- Screw em i don’t need em not you not nobody ! The only thing I need is you but why must I love the boy who hurts me so much? ****WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU!?***

He looks so peaceful when he’s reading so quite so quick so gently hes so…. Cute and nice and he’s smart and funny and He’s JMR l for peets sake he always funny cute and sweet

But a broken heart is the only thing that really changes people.

But when I think of you my mood ring either turns purple or very dark… Blue

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