I respectfully offer of the evidence that the USA takes the largest number of immigrants of any…
Shelley Higgins

Agreed. We do take in more than our fair share of immigrants. I totally agree that it is indeed profit driven. I am not naive to the fact we have it better than many. I am also not naive to the fact that people come here for a “better life”. The reality is that our aristocracy is real, it is just well hidden (or better hidden than other nations). I have personally know people who have immigrated here because of economic opportunity and were surprised to find how poorly they were treated [for being poor]. It was something they were not prepared for because our propaganda touts inclusivity and, again, meritocracy. We wear our masks well. Are we not just the lesser of the evils?

There is, as the post pointed out, one justice system for the rich and one justice system for the poor/working-class. If it had been a teller working for this organization who was defrauding consumers they would be facing criminal charges and likely sentenced to do time to repay their debt. Justice is supposed to be blind, not classist.

I say this not to bash our nation but to draw attention to the fact we are NOT living up to our ideals. And until we recognize our flawed system and address it, we are doomed to keep dealing with the Wells Fargos, Enrons, and every other organization that’s ‘too big to fail’ at the poor and working-class consumer’s expense.

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