A mere spark, but capable of changing everything for better.

The design structure/infrastructure/curriculum of a college is an important factor for the student who see themselves studying in a particular college.

But one should understand that the ultimate goal of a college is to give good education and deserving work opportunities. At the end the students are going to work in a different place, i.e , consulting firms, design agencies, ad agencies, fmcg companies, banks etc. which means that they are going to work in a different working environment all together different from the learning environment what they had in college. From a environment of studies combined with fun gives all together a different experience which unfortunately is not the case in work environment. Which makes a few students very uneasy about it. Studying for a PG. program for a about 2.5 years and a sudden change in the work environment is definitely going to have an impact on few students. They may not be ready to accept the change and its not their fault to have loved the process, the feel and the experience of the college. Their mental state is shifting from an open mind thinking environment to a closed one way environment. We can change the work environment but i don’t think companies have got time for that.

This factor should be considered by the institutions while designing future schools especially post grad schools where students enter with a focused frame of mind to grab better work opportunities. They have just be shown glimpses of the work culture in the course span. But having a glimpse of something and experiencing that thing, both are different things. And the later is definitely much preferred one.

It is not the study environment that should change as its the same in a work environment where you work for hours in one place, but the way it is placed in front of the students should. Students are studying in libraries, sitting and brainstorming at the edge of the campus under a huge tree, basically they do their work where they love to do it. How can one not get use to it, a matter of 2–3 years.

I am sure many people will disagree with this thought. And those will be definitely the ones who haven't been through this and who were able to handle this quite well by accepting it. But what about the students who got use it. Its high time that we build an environment for students that portrays much similar to the working environment they seek to enter in.

So basically, is a student paying his fees for studies in an environment which where he/she is going to get accustomed to for the next 2–3 years and then he/she is going to have to work in a different picture for rest of their lives? Think about it. Or should we start designing accordingly.