Have you been using Slack and felt unproductive at the end of the day? You are not alone.

There has been a huge debate about whether modern workspace communication tools like Slack are improving the productivity of an employee or not. In my opinion, these tools do impact productivity if people are not mindful of how they are spending their time on a workday. In this article, I discuss how Slack can make small changes in its user experience to improve the productivity of its users and help them get more things done.

Slack Notifications are overwhelming
Slack Notifications are overwhelming

#1 Integrating Slack notifications with your calendar

Every time you receive a notification, it’s like someone coming up to your desk and interrupting you. …

Product teams need to continuously monitor their product usage data to understand the user pain points and iteratively improve the product experience. As a product manager, you need to have tools that improve visibility, make it easier for the team to comprehend, and derive actionable insights from the product data. A few months ago, I wrote an article that outlined the process of building tools to enable that for your team. I’d highly recommend reading that article as well, but here is the summary:

  1. Identify your product assumptions. …

In an ideal world, the goal of any business starting up is to make money. In most cases, the profitability of a product is closely tied to how you as a product manager choose to price your product. Apart from building a product that provides real value to its customers, profitable monetization is the second most important aspect of running a successful business.

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Even then pricing gets very little attention and not a subject of major discussion or debate. Products are very often priced by taking into account production costs plus some margin or by looking at what competitors are charging. Pricing conversations usually happen later in the product development lifecycle and PMs often wait for the product to gain some traction before discussing a robust monetization strategy. I have made those same mistakes and my career as a product manager has taught me that monetization is something that needs to be thought of from day 0. …


Tanay Agrawal

Product Manager specializing in SaaS | Grad Student at CMU Portfolio: tanayagrawal.com

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