Pivot your life. Ask questions

I am assuming you are a busy person. It feels impossible to come back from work and think of taking that Coursera course you have been snoozing. If you have kids, it’s even harder.

But then, how do you make sure you are moving with time? Soon, the world around you is going to change. It will be fast, it will be drastic, it will be brutal but it will be beautiful. Where you stand will purely depend on what you do with that 1 hour in your day.

You have to take out time to learn, hone new skills and improve as a person. Here is a thing about time. You get sucked into this vacuum, you assume you are busy, you believe you are tired. Before you know it, this will become a habit. Soon you will be wondering where all that time went.

I would like you to you to rethink your entire approach to life.

· Are you sleeping too much?

· Are you eating healthy?

· Do you have good friends?

· Do you have good collegues?

· Is there too much negative energy around you?

· Are you with people who challenge you to be a better person?

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions

· Are you happy with where you are?

· Why am I a failure?

· What could I have done to be in a better position?

Almost a year back I was forced to ask these question. I had scary answers. I had to take some drastic measures. I started sleeping less. Started reading more, started listening to podcasts and audio books. It’s been over 10 months and I sleep for 4 hours at max. Honestly, none of these activities have helped me earn more money.

But, I am certainly better in life. I am better at my job. I think I am better at relationships with people. Most importantly, I like to believe I am happier. I am more confident. I have clarity and vision. I have confidence.

Ok, maybe not this level of confidence. But you get the gist.

Lets be honest, most of the things we do in our free time is nonessential, trivial and purely just a measure to hide the cracks in our life. We aren't doing anything meaningful, we are merely surviving.

The weekday drinking session with our friends or binge watching the new Netflix show. All this can happen only if you feel content with where you are. If you are, go ahead and enjoy you life. Ignore this, You just wasted 2 mins of it reading a meaningless blog.

Here is a very realistic motivational quote I read which sums up what I am doing with my life –

Shoot for the bloody moon. Even if you miss, at least you can tell people that one time you got to ride in a rocket.