10 products that made 2017 better for me

Below are some of the technology products that made 2017 better for me (see my 2016 list).

To help contextualize some of the products on here, I spent roughly six months of the year in San Francisco and six months in London and visited ~15 countries.

  • Instagram: Instagram continued to grow in importance to me. It’s now my go-to for sharing casual moments and highlights and where I can can see the same for my friends (I even deleted Snapchat a week ago). Additionally, it’s what I used to find restaurants/cafes in places that I was living in and traveled to, more so than any other app.
  • Foursquare: Foursquare’s ratings/recommendations in Europe/Asia can be hit or miss but I find it extremely useful for creating a list of places I want to go to in new cities I am visiting, which then serves as a guide of sorts for me when I’m in that city.
  • Kindle: I have the Paperwhite and the Kindle app on my iPhone and used it to read all ~20 books I read this year.
  • Wealthfront: I consolidated most of my savings (aside from checking account and crypto) into Wealthfront which gave me a 20% time-weighted return in 2017 (S&P was 19.4% in same period). I chose it over Betterment (which I also used previously) because Wealthfront offers direct indexing and singe stock diversification.
  • Google Photos: I use this to back up all my photos (who needs iCloud!). The app’s search also continues to get better and better.
  • Google Trips: I discovered this app only late in the year, but it’s a pretty cool app by Google which helps plan and organize trips. It pulls in flight/hotel information from your email and keeps all of the information in one place. It even has suggestions for sights and walking routes as well as places to eat.
  • Perspective: A journaling app which I’ve been using for the last few months and really like. It’s very feature-rich but yet feels very simple and elegant.
  • Mophie Battery Case: This is a lifesaver for me particularly when I’m traveling and go 24+ hours without being able to charge my phone.
  • Vava Wireless Earphones: I got this pair of wireless earphones on the recommendation of a friend, and really like it. I might try out Airpods at some point, but do like having a cord between the two earbuds if I’m honest.
  • Apple Pay: Paying with Apple pay in the UK is amazing since most places accept Contactless (which Apple pay is but American credit cards are not). It takes two seconds to pay with Apple pay vs at least 30 seconds to pay with a non-Contactless credit card.