Conversation. Apartment was empty of furniture. Except conversation.


When the woman's about to squirt, the pussy's going to try to squeeze you out. You just got to hold on and ride it stronger.

Rod Girth's my porn name. I'd like to be The Hebrew Hammer. Already taken. The Jewish Jackhammer?,

Montesquieue claimed that if napoleon hadn't emerged, history would have formed someone else like him. The existentialists say the individual, his choice, makes everything. The individual chooses to go to fight in a war, he's taking france to war, affecting every french person.

In the Up in Smoke film, Cheech says I don't have to know punk music to be a punk, i just gotta be a punk. Then they thrash stuff and go to this punk concert. I don't gotta know the music, i just gotta be a punk.

Politics is just politics. Communists traded with capitalists. There are smart republicans and smart people on the other side. I have really smart friends who are republican.

You can accept a neo-nazi's thoughts, where they're coming from, and understand it as such.

Girls like being insulted. I called this chick fat, and she walked away, then an hour later, she came back. They want to prove to you, you think i'm fat? See me when i'm naked. Then they come home with you.

I'm trying to look as unkempt as possible. Fuck that hipster look, designer clothing.

Confidence. Trump gets a lot of women. It’s the confidence persons find attractive. You’d want to hang with Potter as much as you can. He’s a cool dude.

Each punk must do his punk act, would say an existentialist.

Music is about putting it out there, even the best ones just put their stuff on the mediums, i don't even have to mention what they are, you know. If it's really good, then it gets heard about.

You probably got the worst music.

I’m going to be as unkempt as i can be.

You’re a jazz pianist, there’s nothing sexier than that.

Erdogan was being specific about his appreciation of hitler, you and i know.

Fuck that hipster look, i’m just gonna drink barefoot wine.

Socrates walkin' barefoot, being a philosopher, while the existentialists, anti-philosophers, they’re banging wives and mistresses…Their philosophying is attractive.

The Argentines didn't like Borges. They thought he only wrote about his own world. Did they like Che? He didn't do anything for Argentina.

People will claim a hero if they can!

Like the existentialists, there'd be no che if he hadn't made those tough decisions that he made.

Though other persons were doing what he was doing, bolivar, before, carlos ortega of nicaragua and allende round the same time, so montesquieue just saying thst many are existing too, making similar existing choices.

Black women got nice butts, so do puerto ricans, just none round here. I was with a kim, a korean, squats give asians good asses, she had a spiral staircase tattoo, all the way up her leg and itvfinished at her ass.

You know i licked it all the way up to her ass.

That’s too hot, and you’re just 50% of Potter.

That’s too hot.

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