Payoneer Mastercard Debit Card Fees Review Is It All A Scam?

Payoneer the virtual bank account service has many reviews online both bad and good but today we get deep into the details of it all.

Feb 12, 2015 · 3 min read

Payoneer will require you to go through the application approval phase when you first apply your I.D and details will be going through manual review this will take a few days no more than 5 working days. If everything is legit you will receive an email titled “Your Payoneer Account Application Has Been Approved!”. You can then apply for the Payoneer PrepaidDebit MasterCard it personally took me 3 days to receive mine in the mail and I am based in the UK.

The reason I applied for a Payoneer card was because I had a payment that was due but it required a routing number which me being in the UK I cannot get one as we don’t use that. I went to my local barclays branch to try get a routing number they told me we use a iban or whatever , cut the long story short I wasn’t going to get a routing number. I then went online searching for a way around this challenge what many call problem but I am an entrepreneur I don’t believe in such. I came across payoneer and other services that would provide me a routing number I put them all on a list to see which would be best for me. The others didn’t really provide a service where I could receive money and send it at will only payoneer did. There is a training Amazing selling machine which I was watching at the time it teaches you to sell on amazon they also advise you to use payoneer to receive payments on your behalf if you aren’t US based.

I went online to look at the reviews my gosh we’re they bad to be totally honest lol. I went to an internet marketing forum the number one service recommend for receiving money on your behalf was payoneer which I was then left confused 30-40 % bad reviews 60% good which is really confusing don’t get me wrong every product has a bad review I am suspicous of those that don’t because they is always that person who is never happy. I decided to take action stop being a over cautious egg and send the money to payoneer they provide you a Bank Of America routing number which is great. I sent the money to routing number payoneer provided I then received an email titled “Your Payoneer Account Has Been Loaded!” ;-). I immediately went to the shop to try withdraw the cash deposit the shop keeper said “We don’t accept mastercard”. I then went to my local banks ATM stuck my card in and it worked. I then withdrawed the amount with only one problem. Not everything was there I later realised that payoneer take out their yearly fee ($29.95) from your first deposit which I thought was fair enough its all written somewhere but you know the fine print and details are long to read sometimes. Its 12/02/2015 I’ve since received two different payments with no problem at all infact I am happy with it I’ll be recieving another payment this month I’ll film how that went and post it up here. In the long term I would recommend you get a US based bank if you are using payoneer for US payment service. This is really best for simple sending and receiving money functions.

Payoneer annual fees is $29.95. My last transaction was $208 received the withdrawal fee was $3.15 I took out £130 at the ATM. Instead of just going to take the cash out of the ATM you can send it to your bank account and wait a few days it will appear which is what I am doing next as I am getting big amounts come in now that won’t be allowed to be withdrawn at the ATM ;-D.Payoneer is very simple to set up you apply get approved then receive your debit card within days get code upload it and your cards approved.Receive a payment withdraw it via your bank or banks ATM. Don’t complicate or over think it you can receive and send money. I have kept it honest to my experience with Payoneer hope this has brought you some value if it has join payoneer here thank you for reading and take care.

If you sign up for payoneer through HERE we will both recieve $25 so cheers and enjoy my friend ;-D.

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