Last May, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Bay Area with some of my BlaBlaCar colleagues. The idea was to meet product company whose lead their market and share some “fail & learn” on projects, organisation, or product.
Below you’ll find a quick synthesis of Product Designer’s interviews at Google, Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Adobe, SmartRecruiters… A big thanks to them for accepting the sharing session.

I was focused on 3 points:

  • Organisation & Methodology
  • User research
  • Consistency

These are not small things. On the contrary, they are key for the growth of a design department.

Last Thursday (21 July), BlaBlaCar was pleased to present the French premiere of Design Disruptors, a documentary produced by Invision.
Despite the summer heat, the room was packed for the event — and just for that, we want to say thank you.

In my previous article, I wrote about user research and more precisely about user testing. As I said, at Blablacar, automation & scalability are our key metrics.
In addition to this approach, we are developing a methodology to better use what we already have : user feedback.

Of course, we can’t compare with user-testing, because these are declarative inputs and not behavioral ones. Nevertheless, the insights can be precious.

We are lucky with our community because they often comment on GooglePlay or the AppStore and they have frequent contact with our Member Relations Team.

But today, we don’t really use…

At BlablaCar, the UX Team is still pretty young but it has a rapid growth. In fact, within a year, we went from only 1 designer to a team of 9.
It is a great and very stimulating work dynamic. Having a big and organized team, allows us to improve our methodology and put things into perspective. While previously the designer single handedly focused on emergencies.

For a designer, taking a global view means to focus more on User Research. …

Retour sur 3 ans en tant qu’UX Designer chez l’annonceur.

Voilà maintenant plus de 3 ans que je travaille chez Viadeo, en tant qu’Interaction Designer, dans le pôle UX.

J’estime avoir beaucoup de chance de faire partie des premières “vagues” d’UX Designer et j’ai d’autant plus de chance d’avoir trouvé une place rare chez l’annonceur.

Mais faire partie des premiers signifie aussi essuyer les plâtres en commettant quelques bourdes.
Petit moment d’introspection en vous révélant mon top 5 des erreurs commises (que j’espère ne plus refaire).

1/ Tu n’iras pas plus vite que la musique

Ton CDI fraichement signé, plein de nouveaux collègues te tombent dessus, impatients, te semble-t-il, que vous attaquiez ensemble de nouveaux projets. Tu pars donc…

En fait, c’est pas si simple.

(Extrait d’une conversation lors d’un repas de famille)

Architecte de l’information, Maman. De l’information !
Bon déjà t’as retenu ça, c’est bien. Mais aujourd’hui, l’intitulé de mon poste, c’est UX Designer.

Oui en gros, UX Designer, c’est un peu le terme à la mode. C’est plus court. Plus vendeur. Plus Marketing. Mais un peu faux.
Si tu veux, sur le papier, UX Designer c’est comme Architecte de l’information et comme Ergonome…

Après dans la vraie vie, c’est différent. Chacun a ses petites particularités.
Si tu lis des blogs spécialisés, tu comprendras qu’il y a même plein d’autres dénominations.

Si je…

Julien Chenat

Product Designer @alan_assurance | ex. @blablacar, @allocine , @viadeo & @gobelins_paris

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