How to get up to 3500+ GitHub stars in one week — and why that’s important.
Diana Neculai

A good post, but I’ve found little of this has helped.

My project, Takeoff ( has a good read me, a twitter account, a gitter chat for support and I’ve written blog posts on Medium and Hackernoon.

I’ve posted on the usual outlets (Reddit, HN, Twitter, etc) yet I seemed to have peeked at 250 stars, and that’s a gain of about 30 this month so there was some small peaks.

I’ve been to a couple of developer meet ups this month and have told people about it, and I’m getting some stickers made up to give out at the events. Hopefully by doing more real life promotion and hopefully talking about it I can get more interest but in the meantime I don’t know what to do online to raise more profile of the project which I believe is good and people seem to recieve well.

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