Visual Mobile App Analytics

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. That’s why visual mobile analytics is the best way in mind when it comes to measure your app.

It is essential to have visual mobile analytics to get data-driven and customer-oriented insights. App developers want to know why their users do what they do and how they use their apps. They cannot identify what causes user quits by knowing the number of total users only. Mobile analytics solutions converted from web provide only simple data for developers and they are not enough anymore.

With App Analytics, app developers can get details about user interactions such as device rotations and gestures as a visual report. It is time to see all pinches, taps, and swipes up to 4 fingers of your users. It’s a perfect way to uncover invisible relationships between your screens and find out the areas you are weak.

Tracking their app gives developers an opportunity to see how their users interact with their buttons, screens, and features. User Interface Suggestions allow you to filter useful insights to improve your user interface. You can easily see insights such as most unresponsive gestures, most viewed screens, highest quit rates, most interactive screens and most viewed pop-ups. So, app developers can use these insights to make their users more engaged.

Using App Analytics offers app developers to measure and optimize their app in the best way. Sign up now: