Six unconventional ways to boost creativity.

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The biggest struggle a writer can face is having the time to write, wanting to write, but not having any inspiration or creative drive. However, creativity is needed far beyond writing. You need it in any kind of artistic activity, but also daily life.

We sometimes come across blessed individuals who have natural creativity. And some people might even think creativity is inborn. This couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

Creativity is a kind of mindset and lifestyle that everyone can adopt and master.

I want to share six unconventional methods that help boost creativity drastically.

1. Using the subconscious mind

Salvador Dali had a very interesting approach to generate ideas for his art. He would lie down on a couch with a spoon in his hand. As soon as he would fall asleep, the spoon would drop on the ground and he would be immediately awoken. He grabbed his sketchbook and drew. But why did he do this? …

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The easiest way to a psychological rebirth

One of the greatest achievements a person can make in his life is that of building a great character. …

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Most of us are unprepared for life. What if our body grows older and older, but our mind rests that of a child? While it may sound weird to imagine this, it is right now happening with thousands of people. We struggle to lead a productive life by avoiding important things. We must take responsibility for our life, especially when we need it.

Taking responsibility is hard enough, but even harder in the face of adversity. A modern person is quick to take the position of a victim. We try to cut adversity out of our life by not taking responsibility for it. …



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