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Financial Company with Modern Digital Technology

CREDEROOM is a lending company. The CREDEROOM project is a team of financial, security, legal and technical experts. We raise funds to develop companies located across the EU.

We want to showcase the fusion between old fashion business and modern digital technology. Similar to a small iceberg just visible above sea level, a side lending business from the CREDEROOM project.

We plan to develop a high-scalable platform ready to facilitate the management of financial assets and marketing actions. Open source API and modern technology will make us a company with a high cost-benefit ratio.

We have spent time developing our ideas, concepts, vision and business plans, and we are now preparing our projects to the public. We offer for everyone who wants to be part of the new Fintech world.

Fintech is a term used in the field of financial services. FinTech itself stands for Financial and Technology. This term is a combination of the latest innovations between technology and finance.

Financial Technology (FinTech) is one form of application of information technology in the field of finance. As a result, various new financial models emerged that were first started in 2004 by Zopa, a financial institution in the United Kingdom that runs lending services. Then a new financial model through Bitcoin software was conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

Level of creativity and innovation in the field of Information Technology is increasing rapidly. From the business and social level of information technology development. This is not apart from the development of infrastructure that helped develop the digital world up to today. Startup Fintech is not a new thing in the financial world. So many Fintech companies in the world but unique CREDEROOM, this company uses etereum smart contract and blockchain technology as the basis to run it so that the company model will be more transparent.

With Blockchain technology can remove the existence of companies that provide borrowing at very high interest to take advantage. The existence of CREDEROOM with blockgain technology can make the loan system of money in a transparent way.

Perhaps at this time some people say that the business model FinTech with online loan sharks. But to take into account is FinTech is managed by professionals like CREDEROOM who are truly online.

The services provided by startup fintech must be related financially. However, each startup fintech has a different focus eg CREDEROOM which is integrated in borrowing and lending business.


Buy back campaigns

Every year, on October 15, CREDEROOM will purchase or in any other way generate a crystallone Ethereal currency in an amount equivalent to 10% of the profits generated during the last fiscal year by the Principal Company and not reinvested directly in growth and expansion.

This crypto currency will be used to buy back. The quantity of CDRT Token to be repurchased will be determined annually with prices and prices in the market.

Equal Profit Campaign

Every year, on October 10 CREDEROOM will purchase or otherwise make an Ethereal crypto currency equivalent to 20% of the profit generated during the last fiscal year by the Principal Company and not reinvested directly in growth and expansion. This crypto currency will be distributed among Tokens CDRT holders according to the number of tokens they own.

CREDEROOM is a finance company offering customers lending services with strong trust and transparency. This company is new to the concept of fintech but the company has a good concept and consists of a team of experienced and based on Blockchain technology that causes every transaction to be tracked around the world.

The existence of CREDEROOM is expected to bring in a more practical and safe financial transaction process. The process of transactions, the process of borrowing money, transfers, or the sale and purchase of shares.


The CREDEROOM team consists of a very reliable and experienced team. The team consists of three layers: Executive Team, Developer Team and Advisors Team. And here we present each of them including:

if you want to participate in the Crowdsale please go to the CREDEROOM ICO