Tangible Token Limited Time Blend!

Tangible Token

How it Works

The Tangible Token is an exciting prelude to our Series 2 drop and gives a taste of what it’s all about. The token is used as an intermediary currency between Series 1 and Series 2. With the new blend you will be able to take your old S1 NFTs and convert them into Tangible Tokens, these Tokens will be able to be blended into S2 packs. The blend recipe to obtain a S2 Pack from Tangible Tokens is as follows;

  • Collect S1 Mythic Thread of any color to Blend into 1 Tangible Token
  • Repeat the process of blending S1 Mythic Threads into Tangible Tokens until you have 3 Tokens
  • Once you have 3 Tokens you will be able to blend them into 1 of the 22 S2 Packs

( If you have any questions regarding Tangible Tokens click here!)


The token is an exciting concept that was made with the hopes that it shows appreciation to the early Tangible NFTs supporters as well as giving a fun opportunity to collect packs for all community members before the S2 sale. It is important to know all S2 packs made from Tangible Tokens will not be openable until drop day!

We hope this is a fun implementation leading into our Series 2… Mark your calendars to not miss the day, Saturday October 22nd 2PM EST!

Check out the links below to stay up to date with all things Tangible NFTs!

Helpful Links:

Website- https://tangiblenfts.io/home

Discord- https://discord.com/invite/2ffuceu2RU

Twitter- https://twitter.com/tangiblenfts

AtomicHub- https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/tangiblenfts

NeftyBlocks- https://neftyblocks.com/c/tangiblenfts



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Tangible NFTs is a project that brings custom designed unique vIRL(Physically Redeemable) NFTs to WAX with an experience like none other.