IOTA Donations even simpler with your personal donation-link

It is not a simple task, to collect IOTA donations. You can’t simply share your IOTA address and use the same address to spent tokens on your financing. Therefore we provide you a simple, personal link to your own donation page.

Sep 30 · 2 min read

We’ve already talked about donations in IOTA and why they are not that easy to collect. There is the reusable address problem in IOTA, which makes our life harder in this context. You can read more about this in our previous article: IOTA Donations simplified.

With our special donation button you can add a simple button to your website or blog and collect donations in IOTA. Using this button, you do not trip into the common problems with the reusable address problem in IOTA.
But in some cases you are not able to place some custom html and javascript into your website or blog. Especially when you do not host your website/blog on your own or you have to rely on external services like Youtube, Twitter, Discord, …

Donation link on “Collect Donations” tab of a channel

With this limitation in mind we’ve developed a simple landing page. With a personal and unique link, you can send your users/viewers to a landing page customized by yourself with your own unique donation address. The interface looks literally the same like when clicking on the donation button.

Example of our Donation page

With using this link you benefit from all the advantages of the donation button! So do not hesitate to register on with our registration code “ALPHA-TESTER”. Be one of our first users and try out our new service which will help you innovate and build a better future!

For any questions or more informations join our Discord or simply visit our Website. Thanks for reading!


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