Outsource PoW with the tangleMesh:api

Outsource your Proof-of-Work with the tangleMesh:api

We have added a new category “compute” to our list of features. Outsource the PoW of your applications and devices and let us do the work!

Oct 31 · 3 min read

We are proud to present further news! We have accepted the first user feedback, analyzed it and incorporated it into our product.

In order to make the use of our public APIs easier and better, we have introduced a new structure. In the course of this the new category “/transactions” has been added. Here you will find all the endpoints you need to send, receive and track IOTA payments. The new endpoints are further subdivided into “/transactions/deposits” and “/transactions/withdrawals”. What is hidden under these paths is revealed by the name already.
The new endpoints can be seen as a simplifying layer above the “core” endpoints. Therefore the old endpoints continue to work as before to maintain downward compatibility.

The new transaction category and it’s endpoints

Now that the new structure has been introduced, we have been able to expand our service accordingly and now offer proof-of-work as a new service. From now on you will find the necessary endpoint(s) under the category “/compute” and the path “/compute/attatchToTangle”. With this endpoint you can easily extend the IOTA-libraries and outsource the calculation of the proof-of-work. So even the smallest devices, where the calculation would take a long time or where the hardware would not be able to do so, can send transactions and messages via the tangle with a very simple request.

Our Computing Service is scalable and can therefore provide the required computing power within seconds, so that even at peak times no long waiting times have to be expected.

The new compute category and it’s endpoints

In order to use our computing services, a small fee is charged for each calculation. This is handled via our so-called channels. For this you have to transfer your small desired IOTA amount to one of your channels. You can then enter the channel ID from which the fee is to be deducted when requesting a calculation. This small amount will then be deducted from this channel after successful calculation. The fees for a calculation are very low and you can read about it in your dashboard.
So you don’t have to buy packages or special tokens in advance. You only pay as much as you really need and you don’t need any other means of payment such as a Fiat currency.

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via our contact form or join our Discord!

We are also very grateful for any feedback or requests for new features or suggestions for improvement! We are always anxious to analyze and implement them.


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We use our energy and strength to ensure that everyone has easy access to the Tangle. We believe in the freedom and the possibilities of the Tangle.

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