tangleMesh:api’s NodeJs packages

Use our Services with our simple NodeJs packages

We just released our first npm-packages to make it even easier for you to use the tangle through the tangleMesh:api.

Nov 4 · 3 min read

With our service we offer a simple API with which anyone can easily use the functionality of the tangle without having to read into new technologies, or to write complex applications that monitor addresses and track transactions or messages. We have created an API documentation to make it as easy and understandable as possible for you to use our functions.

But to make it even faster and easier to start, we have written two small npm packages for you, which you can use. These are open source packages available on Github and can be easily installed into your NodeJS projects via npm. This also means that we depend on your help and are very grateful for any feedback, bugs or improvements to our packages! The packages will be developed together with you to ensure that you get the most out of them.

Our first package api-client.js is a simple client where you don’t have to create the API tokens yourself. All you have to do is configure your API credentials and then you can easily send and process requests to our API. Each package also has examples to show you how easy it is to use.

An example from the api-client.js npm-package

As a second package we have released the compute.js package. With this package you can use our Computing-API, for example to swap out the method attatchToTangle. So your server, your device or your application doesn’t have to have enough resources for the PoW, but every microcontroller can benefit from the advantages of the tangle. You can see how to use this package in the documentation of the package or in the corresponding examples.

An example from the compute.js npm-package

These two packages are primarily to be seen as an example for the use of the tangleMesh:api. Nevertheless they can be used productively. These packages are relatively small and can also be transported into other languages. If you are interested in providing such a package in another programming language, please join our Discord and find further support. We would like to help you with this as well and offer our biggest support!

Thank you for reading this article. If you are not yet familiar with our services, please visit our website https://tangle-mesh.io or follow us on Twitter. If you have further questions, we are available in our Discord or via our contact form!


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We use our energy and strength to ensure that everyone has easy access to the Tangle. We believe in the freedom and the possibilities of the Tangle.

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