This article is a tutorial for installing IOTA’s IRI (Initial Reference Implementation) from the Tangled IT repository. It will involve all steps to get started and have a fully synced node.

This tutorial is not for absolute beginners. It expects you to know how to open ports, edit configuration files and use basic Linux commands.



We’ll start with a clean Debian installation, you can use Ubuntu or any Debian based distribution. We’ll expect curl to be installed, or else you could do that with apt-get install curl.

Step 1. Installing the repository

To install the repository you’ll need to run the following…

IRI-mon is a command line tool for checking IRI’s status. It checks if it’s running, synced and if the your neighbors are active. It is written in the Crystal language and is compiled against LLVM, which means no extra dependencies are required.

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iri-mon (example output)


You can install iri-mon by downloading the executable from the GitHub repository here.

Or you could install it with through the APT or YUM repository, which also allows you to get updates automatically. A guide on how to use this repository is available here.

After setting up you can install IRI-mon with the command apt-get install iri-mon on Debian based system. …

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Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Tangled IT first project is releasing Linux repositories for IOTA based projects. All packages need a Redhat or Debian based operating system and the systemd init system. I’ve added packages for IRI and ICT, as well as other IOTA and IoT related packages.

Everything you'll need to get started can be found here:

And the ecosystem project:

Why and benefits

My main reason for setting up the repositories is to make it easier to install and update projects. This will hopefully grow the IOTA network and community. And might attract users which are less technically inclined.

The excellent IRI playbook has already helped a lot of developers install the IRI. And I hope this will be the next step in helping people get committed in growing the network. …

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I started Tangled IT in January 2018, after the high times of the big cryptocurrency collapse. It will remain a hobby project until the technology advances. In the mean time I setup the company to make a legal, stable and trustworthy entity for the products I’m building.

My main purpose is to make people get started with IOTA’s technology. Making it easier to set-up and work on possible world-changing solutions.

Goals & Products

The goal of Tangled IT is help the community and companies make use of the Tangle, IOTA’s version of the blockchain. …


Tangled IT

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