A Few Strange Things that Happen Once You Reach Dinosaur Age

(aka past 30+ years old).
as illustrated by Astkhik Rakimova

1. You’ll actually need sleep.

illustration by FrederickJay

Consider me weak because I turned 30+, haha.

Give me my 7–8 hours of sleep everyday, or else!

Compared to when I used to be able to get out of bed to head into the office on less than 4 or 5 hours of sleep, simply surviving on caffeine, this is a hugeeee difference.

Now, if I were to have less than 5 hours of sleep, I turn into a foul-mood grinch or weirdo appearing on a sugar high.

2. You get less affected.

You’ll feel less strongly about things that actually don’t matter so much.

For example: People’s opinion of you.

Could it be because we have turned wiser? I’ll like to believe so. Self-confidence has increased too, and the tolerance of nonsense as well.

3. Your default answer for late-night events becomes “I’ll catch up with you another time =)”.

At clubs, everyone tries to look their best, to appear as the most fun / sporting / energetic / special person in the club. We danced till the lights came on, then continued for heavy supper like black-pepper crabs after that (#theHorror). Omg. That feels like a million years ago. I’m actually walking towards my bed now just imagining doing that right now.

It’s also an Introvert thing. The longer we stay at social events, because we’ll get over-stimulated, we get exhausted too. Now, I prefer to curl up with a novel in bed (just kidding! I’ll be at my home office writing posts like this or reading boring stuff like “How to Improve Web Traffic”) while you have fun at your party ya!

(illustration via Quiet Revolution)

4. Fashion = Comfort > Looking fashionable.

I’d been a vainpot for as long as my mother could remember.

Fashionable clothes, unique styling (I imagined so), sky-high heels to put me on eye level with people I hang out with (am 5ft tall without heels), chunky or dazzling accessories, anything that puts out the message that I have great taste in fashion — bring them on! I even sketched my daily outfits on a notebook so I won’t repeat them too soon in succession. I turned my nose up at “basics” or “monotone” as others’ fashion choices, wondering why anyone would wanna fit in when we’re all made to stand out.

Until I grew more mature (aka quit my job and switched to freelancing).

My current wardrobe consists of many clothes I haven’t touched for a good time. Singapore’s so warm — I can’t figure out how I used to wear black stockings and chunky heels and take public transport to work?!?

So what do I wear now?

Uniqlo’s my current favorite brand! Its Airism series helps me maintain my sanity when it’s summer here everyday.

5. Your makeup regime: Barefaced (aka You Embrace Imperfection).

Years ago, when I went cycling at Pulau Ubin or trekking Mt Batur in Bali with my friends, I woke up earlier to put on full makeup (foundation, loose powder, blusher, eyeliner, mascara). Other than wanting to look nicer in photos, the bigger issue I faced back then was low self-esteem. I’d battled with acne all life and couldn’t go anywhere without makeup.

Now that I work from home and hardly put on makeup, my skin condition improved a lot. I can go out now with either no makeup or simply a thin layer of sunscreen or loose powder. It feels really liberating, not to mention the amount of money I saved by not splurging on cosmetics!

6. You choose slow travel.

It’s a competitive world — Who doesn’t wanna conquer as many countries as he can? Except now, I prefer to spend a few nights slowly exploring a place, now instead of hopping from city to city as fast as I can.

7. You try new age concepts such as meditation & mindfulness.

Actually, I tried picking up meditation in my early 20s. However, meditation isn’t something that you can easily pick up from a book (the Internet wasn’t so advanced then). Other than that, no one I knew then was doing meditation. I had no guidance and limited resources.

In recent years, I picked up meditation (Headspace is awesome) and went for mindfulness courses! They have done well for me so far.

8. You start to desire less material things.

More material things means less space. Declutter now, I promise it will do you lots of good.

9. You try to become a more socially responsible consumer / traveller.

I generally stopped buying H&M clothes because though cheap, their quality is questionable. I don’t want a whole wardrobe of clothes that didn’t make me feel comfortable when wearing. Also, all those information about child slavery and environmental effects due to fast fashion definitely made me think twice about my choices.

Other than the age thing, the sharing of information online also helped to educate me better about exploitation of animals for the sake of tourism. I’ll never ride an elephant ever in my life, and I research more about voluntarism before simply assuming it will always benefit the community.

10. Fitness routines become a part of your lifestyle.

As a young person, I hated anything to do with sports or an active lifestyle. Those fitness tests that we needed to take in school every single year — I dreaded them because I’ll barely pass. However, I still felt healthy then despite the lack of exercise.

Nowadays, I feel my body is feeling more stiff. I need to stretch out in my yoga flows for my mood to improve.

striking a yoga pose in Bali

If I’m going somewhere with hiking trails (in cold weather), I’ll put hiking in my program! Fitness routines has become a part of my lifestyle.

hiked 2 hours to get here (Pulpit Rock in Norway)
I’m so boring now it actually hurts, but it’s also perfectly fine!

Kristine Li is a Professional Designer that secretly hopes to make a living from travelling & writing than through designing.

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