Who You Decide to Whine to About Work Shit Will Determine Your Growth

There was once, there was an extremely bad day in my working life. I was accused of things I’ve never intended; I had to sit down and respond to a list of blames. I felt truly wronged and absolutely misunderstood. I also had to hold my tongue on clearing up accusations right away, instead, to take it all in, take time to calm down for a day, before deciding next steps. Boy, it was a challenge.

At the end of that day, someone who truly meant well for me, gently reminded me that I could take the feedback and criticism in a positive way and set out to correct those wrongs and change people’s perspectives, or I can choose to turn the other way by doing the easier — throw the resignation letter.

I learned a lot that day,
but nothing beats the most useful advice of all.

To be fair, I reflected whether I had played a significant part in the outcome of the day. I pondered over the probability of a similar scenario repeating in a next environment. I weighed the pros and cons of options ahead of me.

And I decided.

It’s like having misfortunate things happen to you repeatedly over one day. Is the person you complain immediately to going to feel all indignant for you and encourage you to pull out whoever brought you pain and return what he deserves; or is he going to tell you to keep calm and use a positive and constructive method to resolve matters?

What people say to you when you’re down in the pits will have a good influence over your next step. The way you made that decision will influence the outcome and your path.

Choose the good fight, always.

Kristine Li is a Designer that secretly loves travelling more than design.

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