Skip dinner tonight;
Take an Uber to some strangers.
A New Match kindles curiosity
beneath my dolphin-smooth skin.

Where to?
Fourteen miles of I can only imagine,
Jasmine-fresh laundry half-folded at home.

Nervous laughs, smallish talk,
Two pairs of knowing eyes.
Look natural while I sip my beer and strip
just my library cardie to bare freckles.

Their gaze fizzes through me like cherryade.
Then three expectant smiles and one question:
Can I kiss you…?

Deep, soft, silver-bristled;
electric, new, and lady-pink,
Ease me into another world
of neckline nibbling and tantric touch.

Worshipped in my lilac lace,
Eaten like icing.
(I could get used to this).

When the universe decides to gift your Monday
with a chance playground of possibilities,
you go with it.

A sweet exploration,
Flow into the familiar yet unknown.
Catch my breath while she screams;
You know how that shit go.

Sidelines glimpse at a love so raw
it bursts with more intimacy than I have known.

Tealights ghost the final switch,
Cake well-mixed.
Well-fucked and permitted
to feel like a goddess.

A magical ride.