We have received this beautiful email today from a www.tangomeet.com member. It’s this kind of stories that give us strength and inspiration. ❤

P.S. We’re sharing it with his permission.


This is my honest confession of how Tango…and in particular Tangomeet, changed my life.

I started dancing tango a couple of years ago, in March 2016 in London, UK.

It was extremely difficult to get to grips with a “drop in” class system that repetition is not part of the process and the concept of practicas completely foreign in UK.

Despite this I continued because I felt in love…

Sebastian Jimenez: So, you dance what you have truly lived?

Carlos Perez: Mostly, yes, Sebastian.

Carlos Perez, Buenos Aires. February, 2016

Sebastian Jimenez: And to all this, you add the “cadencia”… One of the things that I remember very well, when we won the World Championship, is that many told us that the great difference between us and the other couples, was that we were a young couple (I was 18 years old), and we were dancing with the “cadencia” and the moves of old dancers, who have been dancing for their entire lives. And all this, thanks to you, of course. You, that explained and…

It is obvious that they are all around us.

We won’t point anyone because that’s your job. Not to point actually, but to discover them so you can become more conscious about shapes and shades of teaching tango. Once the discovery is made, keep it for yourself. You don’t wanna be the gossip type, do you?

The new guru. A spark strikes them with confidence for the first time. Tango brought them their first encounter with what approval means. They sometimes act like they are the only ones who are about to find the Holy Grail. …

Logic: getting closer to another human being should have some sort of a natural flow, a grace, a common sense . But it doesn’t. Unless we’re 5. So at least this subject should be taught in school. But in general, it isn’t. Then considering only this, tango is (among a lot of other amazing things) the perfect puzzle piece for a healthy, responsible adult. It is for us to enjoy other people, instead of being afraid of them.

I know that for many it may sound sophisticated but the truth is that dancing tango is common sense if we consider…

One of the greatest legacies in the young and recent history of Argentinian tango. They are giving it to you, to all of us. Now available on Tangomeet! http://tangomeet.com/sebastian-jimenez-maria-ines-bogado

Learn Argentine tango online, with Sebastián Achaval & Roxana Suarez on www.tangomeet.com.

Soon online lessons with Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suarez on Tangomeet. Until then, don’t miss the chance to get to know the people behind the amazing tango performances and workshops, in an extensive one hour interview.

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