Edited: December 30 2018

Community Fund

First and foremost, Matthew and I would like to thank the community for joining us on this 8 month voyage since our Pre-announcement on the Bitcointalk forum. Some of you have been closer to the project than most and have spent countless weeks participating and dedicating large amounts of time to the project. The community members have shown extraordinary patience to each other and more importantly, to the progress of the Tangram project.

In the intervening eight months, our time has been spent on the following:

  • Developing the Tangram client which includes:
  • DAG architecture.
  • Performance and stress testing.
  • Publicly releasing the first draft of Tangram roadmap.
  • Integrating stealth addresses (Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman).
  • Setup of sealed boxes for transactions.
  • Release of the Tangram secret manifesto.
  • Development and shift to Universal Blocks with successful upgrade.
  • Implementation of v0.1 F@h faucet distribution from a dedicated and driven community member.
  • Further development of the Tangram architecture, code, security and optimisation enhancements.
  • Implementation of Shamir’s Secret Sharing, further upgrades and use will be implemented during and after of the successful development of Alpha v0.9 Tangram Protocol.
  • V0.5 Release (SWHE — Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption).
  • Rebranded from our much debated code-name “Sneak”
  • Migration from LevelDB to LMDB (Further updates to DB to come).
  • “Revamp” of the new website.
  • v0.7 meant successful development and integration with the distributed networking layer.
  • Release of Tangram Faucet Token Distribution Methodology.
  • v0.8 CLi Wallet.
  • Welcoming J “inkadnb” Bastangel to the project!
  • Development and testing of the Tangram Protocol (v0.9) — Information to be released in the coming weeks.
  • Discussions with Security auditing firms.
  • Conversion of source from TypeScript to C#.

The community fund was created for those who had provably donated to a privacy DAG project prior to February 28th that turned out to have no activity or substance. This initiative has now been closed, with 56.73% of the fund allocation claimed:

This means the total amount of TGMs remaining equates to 2.16% of the total supply of Tangram.

Total Supply — 183,744,990 TGM

Community Fund Supply Remaining— 7,109,717.44 TGM

Edit: After reviewing the discourse amongst the community members, in order to offer a better price per TGM, namely $0.05 we have decided to cut the founders percentage to increase the probability of success for the project in the short-term. Contributions that were already made will also be accounted for at this price. In other words, this means that instead of 3,975,235.62 TGM, there will be 7,950,471.24 TGM.
*The funding target remains intact as it was calculated based on capital and operational expenses.

We have miscalculated the time and capital required to meet the expectations we set for both ourselves and the ever growing potential of Tangram and its community members. After much discussion and deliberation, we have decided that the most constructive use of the remainder of this allocation is as capital to fund Tangram’s immediate future.

With this said, we’d like to announce that we will be launching the Community Fund sale.

Intended Use of Revenue

These projections are guidelines for the use of the revenue from Community Fund.

Details of the Community Fund

Pay close attention to the following:

  • TGMs will NOT be usable or transferable until the launch of the genesis block. That is to say, when you have claimed TGMs, you will not be able to do anything with it until the genesis block launches.
Edit: TGM is initially set to 1 TGM per 0.05 USD.
  • A MAXIMUM amount of 2 BTC will accepted per a transaction address and email address (any BTC exceeding this, WILL be refunded to the address in which was sent from).
  • Ƀ / Bitcoin (BTC) will ONLY BE ACCEPTED. NOTE: If you have any issues sending or signing Bitcoin, please email contribute@getsneak.org
In order to confirm your contribution you will need to send an email to contribute@getsneak.org with the TX hash, address from which you sent, Signed message (1. date, 2. email address with 3. nickname & ID (IE — Discord ID (408611836972498955) and 4. where it gets used), and signature to generate the message.
Google ”bitcoin message signing” if you’re unsure. However, if you experience any issues or concerns signing a bitcoin message, please contact contribute@getsneak.org
  • Contributions will be CONFIRMED in sequential order by oldest first in the blockchain (first come, first serve basis).
  • Value of TGM is determined at the time of transaction taken from blockchain.info
  • The expected launch time for the genesis block is End of December 2018.
  • Contributors will be contacted prior to main-net launch in order to receive TGM by the email that they have shared.
  • Any remaining TGM that has NOT been claimed will be distributed amongst the Folding@home and Image and Description Faucet.
  • TGM is a value transfer system, NOT a security or investment offering. TGM is simply a coin useful for transferring value within the Tangram platform; it does not give you voting rights over anything, and we make no guarantees of its future value.
  • The sole purpose of the Community Fund is NOT to value the network or software but rather support the growth and development of Tangram.

The Community Fund sale, Ƀ / Bitcoin (BTC) address will be announced at 00:00 UTC on Sunday 4th November 2018 on the Tangram Bitcointalk thread; Any contribution after the cap has been reached will be refunded within 1 week of the cap being reached OR Community Fund will conclude upon main-net launch (whichever comes first).

BTC Address: 3C6DSAJiLdYWpLLzJQgb12RJi45yjeQkXP

Signed Message:
4th November 2018
sweet_sneak (408611836972498955)

BTC from any exchange account will be an issue. Unless the exchange provides the feature of signing a message.

Following, you can expect further analysis and a statistical overview. Purpose of the analysis is to provide transparency in the Community contribution indices.

Closing Date

a) When Community fund reaches 100%

b) Upon main-net release / genesis block

About Tangram

Tangram (TGM) is a global project that aims to inspire, mobilise, and empower a new generation of free, instant, and secure digital payments and services. By combining cutting-edge open-source engineering, compelling user experiences, and branding, we’re working to create the world’s most private distributed ledger network.

Our network and platforms are built with security that is not only useful for financial institutions, and multinational corporations, but also yields zero-compromise solutions for the everyday individual.

Our commitment to research and development means that we’re also constantly looking for new ways to enhance security in the age of data, with the long-term aim of establishing a disruptive and revolutionary network of integrated financial and modern communication-based products, services, and partnerships, that advance privacy as a universal human right.

If you’re interested to know more about Tangram:

Visit our website: www.tangrams.io

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