Tangram Update: Launch and Roadmap

Take The Time To Do It Right

Building from scratch

We have reached a decision point: launch a main-net with a limited security audit to hit a self-assigned goal, or put off a main-net release to ensure we can commit to an end-to-end security audit prior to Tangram’s launch.


A delayed launch is eventually good, but a rushed launch is forever bad.
  1. Tangram is a project which has been built from scratch, with novel and experimental technology and does not entirely rely on components from existing or mature projects, example — Bitcoin
  2. Audit NOT ONLY the CRITICAL technologies and development of the project, the more uncritical nuances and subtle technologies in use are audited (this gives confidence, reduce risk and eliminate any associated dangerous to smaller parts of the project)
  3. Security audit(s) are imperative in this space as the technology is complex and sometimes there are key differences in what you developed vs. what is actual, in the real-world
  4. Other networks have already been victims of vulnerabilities that may allow theft and destruction to their ecosystem. Tangram will not compromise. No software is perfect. Vulnerabilities exist but we can do the necessary steps to reduce vulnerabilities in the software.
  5. Since Tangram is a privacy based network, the development and goals are an order of magnitude more complex and risk averse compared to other ‘blockchain networks’
  6. Traditional attack vectors of ‘blockchains’ not only need to be considered, but those of privacy and anonymity too (increased efforts, impact, complexity and dangers)
  7. Treat this with the utmost criticalness and responsibility
  8. More often than not taking a little extra time to make sure something is done correctly will pay off in the end.
  9. Gather empirical analysis
  10. It provides an opportunity to hammer out any bugs and optimizations, pre-audit
  11. We do a better job of reducing the risk of disasters happening to the individuals who have invested their time, efforts and resources in the project
  12. A delay isn’t the end of the world, however releasing main-net without an end-to-end security audit may well be the end of Tangram and building an ecosystem such as Tangram is not always black and white
  13. Reschedule, for the end-to-end security audit
  14. No compromise on the robustness of Tangram’s security and privacy layer(s)

We should be 100% confident that this is in the best short and long term interest of the project. We are making a responsible decision to prioritize long-term growth and avoid unnecessary short-term risks. This should be an easy decision, but this is obviously disappointing and difficult in communication.


We have approached a leading security auditing firm to help us review the code and correct any vulnerabilities which includes cryptography, cryptocurrency, C#, networking, privacy, anonymity and traditional application security. It can only mean, with proper and rigorous auditing we will mitigate all vulnerabilities and lessen risk.

Based on timings and next best available slot, we have tentatively booked for the security audit to begin within the second week of January 2019.

We will publish their name (once audit has started) and all their findings, to be clear the full report of discovery will be published in its entirety once the audit has been completed with the final report.

Below will describe, in chronological order, our engineering roadmap up until the security audit commences.

Upcoming updates and milestones

  • White Paper release
  • AMA (reddit)
  • Updates and optimisations on protocol, wallet and general development
  • Major re-factoring (60% reduction in code up until this point)
  • Complied Command-Line tool (CLi) on Windows, macOs and Linux, and will not include a graphical user interface (GUI) or mobile application(s). Release cycles once a week *(where necessary and possible)

Tangram is nearing the time to release code and launch the genesis block and will continue adding improvements and development milestones to our roadmap in response to the community demand following the initial release.

We hope this to be a the beginning of something great and contribute even more to the not just Tangrams ecosystem but the overarching ecosystem of the blockchain community.

Tangram Bamboo (Main-net) Launch — Timelines

The launch target date for Tangram genesis block is set for February 28, 2019. These dates are NOT FINAL, dependant on the findings and outcomes of the security audit.

For the sake of alignment and expectation, the date is a GOAL.

Tangram Evergreen (Faucet) — FAQs

A specific question has been asked by the community members:

When will the faucet most likely begin?

Those who are anxiously and excitedly waiting, can expect the faucet to begin a week or two from the initial release of Bamboo. This is to ensure guidelines and documentation are completed, clear and concise, for everyone to get the initial setup of their wallets and ensure we iron out any immediate blockers experienced by the community. Updates and communication will be made closer and detailed specifications will be provided.

Communication and Updates

Regular updates will be provided moving forward to ensure alignment and expectations are communicated:

  • Updates on protocol, wallet and general development and milestones
  • Alternatives for security audit funding
  • Bi-monthly discussions in Discord via voice chat

Ensure you’re subscribed to these channels if you want updates about development and other news, or if you want to learn more about Tangram.

We look forward to your questions and your feedback. Thank you again to everyone who has given their time, patience, resources, belief, and intellect to making Tangram a reality.

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