Training, bikepacking, planning and travelling

It is May 11th 2020, end of Covid-19 lockdown in France , all my travels are cancelled when I decide to challenge myself to cycle across the french Pyrenees. I have my brand new first road bike and my vacation start the 5st of July… clock is ticking!

At this point I have never really cycled as sport but I am not starting from the couch either. I commute with a small bike and I run around three times a week. I only know there is a road call “routes des cols” which start from Atlantic ocean and end at…

What is data lineage and how does it provide visibility at Dailymotion?

Do you know your data lake inside out? Are you keeping track of every change applied across all your tables and processes? Can you quickly teach a newcomer how to navigate between your different datasets? Building a “data lineage” platform could be a good start.

Data lineage is a cutting edge subject in the data world but remains in its early stages. At Dailymotion, we began tackling the topic a year ago. The purpose of this article is to share the thought-process of the Data Engineering Team and our current outlook on a solution. …

How to efficiently release in production?

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a frictionless world where data engineers, data analysts and data scientists built a perfect common ground for efficient exchanges? Unfortunately we’re not quite there yet, but we’ve been analyzing Dailymotion’s recent Data journey that focuses on how data engineers work with data scientists and data analysts to improve production release. The ongoing challenge is to find the right balance between catering to each specific need and being in a generic customer/supplier relationship.

For those unfamiliar with our company, Dailymotion is a leading video platform company where 330 employees share their skills. Three…

Germain Tanguy

Senior Data engineer

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