UCD Charrette Process Blog — Week 1

This week, we looked at the design of cars and the problems that certain people have when driving the car or even as a passenger in the car.

What we did in Studio?

We started off brainstorming about the problem that people may face when using the product, which in this case is a car. One of the situation that I could think about is a teenager who would want to be able to customize his car.

Post it notes with problem or situation of user

Then, we went on to design a car based on the situation which in this case we got a target audience of a kid who like movies involving cars like the Disney movie, Cars, this seems to be an unusual problem. But came up with an idea which allows the car to project a hologram to imitate the character in the Disney movie Cars. We expressed our ideas in a simple 3 picture cartoon and a decision diagram and an interface design. We then present it to the class.

Presenting out ideas


I like how we can present our ideas in a form of cartoon or in a series of pictures. This allows me to easily think of situation where the design would be useful. Using this technique, it is easy to identify whether a design accomplishes the goal or not. After drawing the pictures, I can easily think of the decision diagram.


I feel that this technique is very basic but can be very effective for solving a lot of problem for designing because design are very hard to understand just by reading and has to be presented to fully understand it. Not only can this method be applied to design, this can be applied to any ideas formed. For example, when designing an interface of the software, we would need to know our users and how the design is going to achieve specific goal. With pictures and decision diagram, the ideas being presented can be easily understood. Even though this method is good, it has its limitation. After presenting an idea or design, people would not know the specific details about the design because the presentation should be concise.

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