Does ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ live up to its significant hype?

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A Spoiler-Free Review

Live long & prosper! Just kidding, May the force be with you!

Welcome aboard the hype train! As the Force Awakens is out & our inner geek is rekindled, everyone is excited about the movie. The movie has become a trending topic on the internet & everyone is talking about it, even if most of them never watched any previous episodes & pretend to be a die-hard fan!

Check out the trailer. It’s rad!

Some people have already watched it on first chance they got, some have completely shut themselves out from social media because of spoilers posted by latter ones. Then there are some unfortunate people who are not yet able to feel the force because of the Dark side(Local movies which got released in same time span). Yes, it’s true, countries like India & Pakistan, where local cinemas are highly Influential, Bollywood has released a couple of movies and forced a delay of Star Wars release date.

U mad bro?

But the question is: Does the film live up to its significant hype?

As lifelong “Star Wars” fans, we are bound and determined to find out. But worry not, here is the SPOILER-FREE review which will help you to decide that. Here we go:

Release date: December 18, 2015 
Rating: PG-13
Director: JJ Abrams
Running Time: 135 minutes

We can’t help but tell you how tragic and intense the scene is when Obi dies. But rest of the movie is meh. Just kidding. The film is really enjoyable for both die hard fans and new ones alike. Although it is action packed, start of the film looks a bit shallow since it takes time to care for the characters we never seen or never heard before. Though it’s not bad, their introduction could’ve been better. That said, after they become familiar, it doesn’t take much effort for film to keep you grasped as the newcomers shined & I personally liked the addition to the cast (Especially Rey).
But this doesn’t end here, it gets goosebumps-inducing when we see our familiar space smuggler with his hairy partner make a return, unless you are on of them wannabes. and it gets even better when Leia is introduced, She and Han acted like a genuine older couple, still fighting like they did in their youth but with a lot less vitriol. They felt fantastically realistic. JJ Abrams did an excellent job of bringing in young talent to balance with original cast members.
Rey, Finn and new cool droid(Left). Chewy is f**king immortal(Right).
There was a lot of action and plenty of humor in the film. Probably more humor than all previous films combined, which everyone seemed to like and is never a bad thing. However, this film’s lasting impact will probably be the climactic peak in the third act. This moment gives the film real heft, something not really expected in a movie of this genre. Long time fans will get emotional. At least I did.

If this is not enough of an indication, let us tell you clearly! Go watch Force Awakens already! The film ends, as it should, on a more uplifting note. We’re also left with a number of questions and the franchise is nicely set up for sequels. The great thing is, “The Force Awakens” is a complete film. You won’t feel shortchanged at its conclusion, instead, you’ll be looking forward to the next edition but not desperate to see it yet as this one gives you plenty to ruminate on.

No matter if you are an old fan, social media poser or slave princess Leia fan, just do it!

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