5 mistakes you can make when picking a test management solution

On-Premise vs Cloud Versions

  • Upkeep (and associated man-hour costs) lie with the solution provider.
  • Prices start low and can be scaled depending on the project.
  • Online availability enables work-from-home, both as a policy and emergency Covid containment measure.
  • Restricted access (office-only or corporate VPN).
  • Higher start fee for an enterprise license.
  • Various maintenance options that inevitably involve your IT resources.
  • Tailored solution to address your company’s unique needs.

Desktop Client vs Web

Neglecting User Permissions

  • Junior Project Manager can see/comment on bug reports, but not edit them.
  • Senior Developer can mark a bug as done, but only Testers can verify that it is fixed and archive the ticket.
  • Members of the Agile team can access issues and tests from their project only.

Underdeveloped Filters

  • QA Lead can see which Software Tester has the least tickets to assign them reproduction of a recently reported critical bug.
  • QA Lead can verify whether the Software Tester re-assigned items before leaving for vacation.
  • Product Owner can see if there are any unresolved defects that caused a recent spike of the abandonment rate.

Subpar Logging




Passionate about software quality // QA engineers community builder at aqua ALM 🌎

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Tania Zhydkova

Tania Zhydkova

Passionate about software quality // QA engineers community builder at aqua ALM 🌎

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