The person behind an idea

Our experience of the world is unique. Each one of us sees the world and lives it in a different way, so our perception and capability of enjoying what surrounds us is equally distinct, since the appreciation of the presence of someone, to a particular smell or taste can take us beyond physical elements, starting a journey of memories and experiences, and those, once again, are just ours.

We share experiences and, in some cases, maybe we are successful, but we can’t transmit the full memento, because we are visualizing it, we are experiencing it in our own manner. The truth is that, our memory tricks us, and the more distant things are, the more transformed they will be. This is what happens when recalling something but also when we are given something to contemplate. Each time, each person, the experience is singular.

This result happens from an aggregation of all that we are and lived, that sets up a place in our memory. So, the inputs we give, are ours as well. All of this has a certain sensuality, because the beauty and opportunities it offers by the way they combine are many.

In our day to day routine, we express ourselves in many ways, in a personal and professional capacity. This means that we should learn or relearn how to share also on a day to day base. When sharing an idea we should have some elements in mind and never forget that emotions will arise, and others will perceive them. And, here comes sensuality once again — our senses get mixed and this can be one of the core competencies of design — when something is created it has a purpose and, in an ultimate review, it is to offer some kind of sensation within the message. In a more empiric perspective, it may tell a story, be rich in elements and details, so that anyone can easily create their own perspective and narrative, adding something new to it.

That is what makes us who and what we are. This is an essential key to try to understand what surrounds us, the way we can observe and interact with others and how contemplation of an idea or experience can transform itself into something greater and even better. Everything and everyone influences and adds value, making us what we really are and how much we are willing to learn and share.

Knowledge is power. Thinking is power. Sharing is power.