Commit Good Provides a Platform To promote Charitable Causes

Charitable causes are no doubt, a way of touching the society positively. Unfortunately, as genuine as these causes may seem, there are a lot of bottlenecks on the way to sharing the various visions with the larger audience across the globe. The issue of publicity remains a major problem that hinders most of the organizations from reaching their set goals, especially when it comes to raising money for a set cause.

Individuals and charity organizations raise money for various purposes — help the poor sponsor their education, take care of hospital bills for certain individuals, send drugs, foodstuff, shelter and clothing to internally displaced persons or refugees, pay legal fees for certain individuals who are in trouble, etc. However, it will be fruitless efforts if there is no way of letting people to know about such laudable projects so that they can contribute their quota.

But there must be a way around this problem. That’s exactly what Commit Good has come to handle — create a way to help legitimate charity projects to be sold to people who will be willing to support them across the globe. Commit Good offers a platform that has no limitation. It’s a platform you can leverage to take your charity cause to the next level and place it at the doorstep of potential supporters.

Reasons Why Commit Good is the future of Charitable Causes

Commit Good comes with several great features among which includes:

  • Providing a transparent way of supporting charitable organizations via the blockchain technology
  • Earning the GOOD tokens for each transaction that is made
  • Recognizing charitable organizations in your locality and using the platform to advance their cause before a larger audience across the globe
  • A hyper-active marketplace that donates a part of each sale to charity that you so trust and support
  • Assisting charities to receive donations directly or create fund raising campaigns for the cause they are furthering
  • Making deliveries on behalf of local charities and earning GOOD tokens as rewards.

Key Partnerships

Commit Good is already in partnership with some highly respected bodies and hopes to increase the number as time goes by. Some of the Provable partners to Commit Good include:

National Conference for Community and Justice, Free Arts NYC, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Austin Disaster Relief Network, and Humane Society of Utah,.

Token Distribution

Initial Token Distribution Event Cap Reached

Notable Members of the Team

Clay Braswell (Founder & CEO)

Clay Braswell has over 15 years experience in applying technology solutions to charitable organizations as a social entrepreneur. He has handled laudable projects such as designing and building several large-scale enterprise grade applications which have helped some communities greatly.

Andre Dublin (CTO)

Andre is an experienced software developer who has created high-quality software for ETL reporting, banking, e-commerce, game servers, and advertising. With practiced software architecture disciplines, he has been able to build systems that have helped businesses to thrive.

Shaun Ratliff (Marketing Director)

Over the past 20 years, Shaun has played a leading role in developing, implementing and managing brands. Additionally, he has gathered a lot of experience working with various non-profit groups.

For more on the other team member, visit Commit Good’s site




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Tania Islam

Tania Islam

I am a private person…:)

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