A good girl

A good girl is honest. She never drinks alcohol, because she wants to be herself at all times.

A good girl knows she’s the person with whom she’ll spend most of her time, so she makes herself as interesting as possible. Invests time and effort into her education. Creates information, not just consumes it.

She loves herself. Has hobbies that give her energy. Hobbies let her make new things and be creative. She’s spontaneous, has fun.

She’s humble. She never talks about her achievements and skills.

Takes care of her body, which includes going early to bed usually. Knows how to cook well.

Plays team with her friends. Knows what they like and would want for birthdays. Doesn’t judge, supports morally. Doesn’t pin labels.

Spends money wisely. Is financially independent. Has a good balance between must and play.

Dresses classy sexy, never vulgar. Quickly.

Loves her job, but loves her man more.

She’s a true inspiration and muse for her man. The man rests in her company. Good girl doesn’t cheat, she’s busy finding new ways to love her man.

She’s very very very very skilful in bed.

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