Remembering your Password

I just asked the question on my Facebook page about when did you last change your password and why. Several had done it recently and the reasons were:

  1. Forgot password
  2. Got hacked

Forgot Password

They forgot the password because they hadn’t used it for a while, didn’t remember what password they used and so had to request a new password.

They had to check their email, log in, create a new password and hope they remembered it next time they went to the site. We all know, they’ll request a new password again.

Every time you forget a password you have to try and use a new one. Have you ever changed a password, and got the message that it’s a password you have already used? Have you then got out of the reset password screen, and tried that password? I know I have.

Well I used to, until I worked out my system.

Got hacked

Hackers are evil. I asked everyone who was hacked when was the last time they changed their password. Usually, it was a long time ago….

Some said they use the same password on EVERYTHING so they won’t forget it. Hackers love when you do that, so DON’T DO IT!

And if you are using password, pa$$word, qwerty or 12345, go and change your password right now.

Remembering your Passwords

I used to do all of that. Well, I managed to miss doing the password/qwerty/12345 password problems. I forgot passwords, used the same password for everything and couldn’t remember what I used. It drove me crazy.

I attended a conference and the host, Sean Rasmussen, told us his system to remember passwords. I changed it to suit me and created my system for passwords.

Since I did this, I don’t forget passwords. Every site gets a unique password, and it’s one I can always remember.

I alternate my base word each year so if one doesn’t work, the other one does. You usually get 3–5 tries at remembering a password, so if password 1 doesn’t work, password 2 does. If I used elephant for base word #1, the next year I might use the base word of mosquito. The words have nothing in common and are something I can remember.

Choosing unique words, numbers and letters can allow you to always remember your password. You need to be consistant and stick to your system.

As you sign up for new passwords, start using your new password system for every site. As you forget passwords and have to use the lost password feature, use this system (or your own system

My password for Medium would be meEl3ph@nT25l2. If you think it’s hard to remember, it’s easy with the Password System.

Get the Password System

You can read my 4 simple steps for changing and remembering your password and you can get it here.

I have the worst memory for remembering information until I can put it into context. Until that happens, I can honestly say I have no memory of the information, it’s just not there. Creating this system has saved me hours of frustration and annoyance in trying to remember my passwords.

I’m Tania Shipman. I’m passionate about saving time, business, writing and finding solutions to problems.