The Stain.

Someone somewhere decided to put the stain on you.

The stain that is irremovable. You don’t know that and keep trying to clean yourself of it.

Day by day, year by year, centuries and millenniums have passed, and you are still trying…

The cleaning products have become so much more advanced.

The science is trying to recreate you anew, without the stain.

You are covering that stain with laughter, that is fake, and with waterproof makeup.

You have tried to clear it up with clever political discussions and philosophical theories.

You have tried to numb it, make it still, make it disappear by pretending it’s not there — it doesn’t exist. But it does.

The curious thing - it’s not possible to forget about it.. as you see it in others again and again… Same dumb stain.

You saw this stain in Atlantis and then in the Egyptian civilisation

You see it today, hiding in the flirty, perfectly beautiful, green seductive eyes of a waitress in the bar, serving you another vodka Martini. 
If everyone has it, what is the deal? 
Why do we put so much effort to wash it off? 
Guilt, shame … 
Shall we drop it?

What if someone told you… this stain is not yours. 
Never was. 
It’s not even real.