Hungry Hearts

Concerts are a joy for me, especially with bands no one knows and no one cares about. But I do care when my heartstrings are suddenly being pulled. I’m not talking about relationships or falling in love with a band member — romantic stuff like that. I’m talking about tension, fever, diffidence, gossip,… — ok, I’m talking about the four letters of the famous Nat King Cole song, but this is different. It’s like being a part of something that is growing, evolving, bleeding from the heart. Concerts of young and upcoming artists and bands are thrilling because they’re giving you everything they have just to get in touch with your mind. You might say that all the other artists and bands which are more famous do the same to the audience, and you might be right, but they don’t have to fight an existential battle anymore. New artists are in the act of learning, failing and experimenting like a baby just learning to walk. You’re living the hard life of a teenager and a young adult just to become this unique person for whom you will be loved by your partner and friends. So do they. Some are bad, some are more talented and for them the way of life/career might get easier but they’re still losing it every gig they’re playing till someday they have finally spoken to your heart. Keep that in mind so the next time you’re visiting a concert of an unknown act and you’re not feeling it, give them time to evolve to conquer your heart — or not, than they’re just “not your type”, but they will keep fighting.

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