Tan Ha

It’s Medium. Not too brown. Not too pale. Just Tan.

I Wrote a Letter to Myself on @Evernote and Set an Alarm for a Year Later

A letter responding to ‘How will you measure your life?’

Tucked into my Backpack

Top 20 Lessons I learned on the Road

On August 13, 2013, my friends and I gathered in California to begin our road trip to Michigan. These…

The 3 Historians

A History Class with Jay-Z and Mark Twain.

There are three historians who live in your head. They each have a specific way of studying your past…

A Reason for Anything

On Perspective, Positivity, and Persistence.

They say everything happens for a reason but is there a reason for everything?

Letter to a Friend

Thank you for inspiring.

Dear Sherry,

Begin anywhere - And I begin with a simple thank you.

Start, Boldly.

When things get chaotically mundane, be bold.

It feels chaotic. Written cover letters and resumes sent with a click of a button. Employers review your…

Don’t Gamble with your Time.

Your days are not getting shorter.

There is an illusion that each day gets shorter. Breakups get blown out of proportion because…

Don’t Ever Fire Yourself.

On writing and loving yourself.

I love to do what I used to hate doing. Writing. I love it so much, I just hired myself as a self-employed…

A Rant from a Hopeless Graduate to Another.

Obama is the man.

Obama is a funny man. His 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Speech became livelier with RapGenius’ new service, NewsGenius and its community of annotators. Regardless, he dropped some gut-wrenching punchlines.

Yet, one sentence stood out to me, not because I cried from laughing too…