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How Cardi B Won 2017 By Being Herself: A Look At Authenticity & Success

Last week I was tasked with finding a topic to discuss in front of a group of students at Spelman College during the 4th Annual Arts & Entertainment Summit. My first thought was Cardi B.

In 2017, Cardi B has arose as a winner. No matter how you measure her talent or her personality, by being her true authentic self Cardi B was able to attain success and achieve her goals…unapologetically. This was a story I wanted to share with the students at Spelman; a story of hard work, authenticity and aligning yourself with genuine purpose. Cardi B is an example but the idea of authenticity as a driver for success is so much bigger than her. There are many Black women in 2017 who have used authenticity as a means to crush their goals and grab the attention of the public. So I put together a quick presentation about Cardi B, and these exceptional other Black women and authenticity.

I wanted the students to be inspired. I wanted them to understand that being yourself is a decision that you make everyday. It is a decision, that although may be difficult, is one that can lead to your purpose. I wanted them (and you) to know that you can win by being exactly who you are…

Please see the full presentation below and in the comments let me know what makes you authentic and how you are going to use those characteristics to crush not just 2017 or 2018 but life.

Download the full presentation here.

This presentation was originally presented at the 4th Annual Spelman Arts & Entertainment Summit #SPELTalks on Friday, October 20th in the Cosby Auditorium.

See a clip of the presentation below via @SpelmanCollege twitter page.

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