Dear Millennials…(a note to you about Donald Trump…)

YOU are the largest cohort since the Boomer generation. I know not all of you can vote yet…but MANY of you can. We Gen-Xers are a small and mighty bunch despite what Ethan Hawke, or old Ice-T movies want to say about us. Sadly, we are a small group our vote alone won’t end the racist, fascist, scourge that seems to be taking over our country. Despite our criticism of how you behave in the workplace…that’s not entirely your fault. You are a product of Reaganism (Google: trickle-down economics and NAFTA: signed by Clinton)…you are trying to make the millions you really believe you should be making (see: Oprah, Bieber, Zuckerberg)…and by all means make all that paper, if you can…but if you can’t (See: Reagan, Neoliberalism, Globalization). The fact is hate and lies about what is American can’t help us living here. And isn’t helping you and won’t if we keep going in this direction. This is not Reality TV despite how the media is dancing with this ‘content’. Please register to vote. I’m not saying the democratic options are better (See: Clinton/Sanders voting record) but they are better than hate (Google: Hitler).

Love, a Gen-Xer

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