Brush Your Teeth With Turmeric?

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You Want Me To Brush With…What?

Not too long ago I read a post about using turmeric to whiten teeth naturally. I decided to give it a try since I had some in my spice cabinet and an unexpected thing happened…

no, it didn’t whiten my teeth…

but it did stop and reverse the swelling in my gums!

I suffer from vasomotor rhinitis. One of the things that happens when it first starts to flare up is that my gum line starts to swell and I will get blisters inside my mouth (very painful!). At the time I tried this, another flare up was just starting; but after 3 days of doing this, it halted the swelling, and in about a week reversed it completely! Amazed, I shared this discovery with my husband; but ever the skeptic, he accused me of exaggerating another natural remedy. So as any good wife would do, I threw down the gauntlet and challenged him to add it to his dental hygiene routine. He had a dental appointment in a few months so he decided to do it every night until he went to the dentist and then let his dental report prove to me that I was wrong! Side note: My husband has horrible gums (periodontal disease)! He’s had at least 2 deep cleanings (the kind they have to numb you for) to clean underneath the gum line to try to stop the bone loss that was threatening his permanent teeth. His “numbers” (The ones they call out when you’re sitting in the chair with your mouth open, tears starting to well up as you’re begging them with your eyes to hurry up so you can close your mouth and swallow. Yeah you know! They are checking to see if your gums are receding and if there are any signs of bone loss occurring.) where all 4’s and 5’s with 6’s in the very back. At his next dentist appointment, the dentist asked my husband what he was doing differently. My husband told him what I challenged him to do and the dentist commented, “well whatever you’re doing keep it up!” He’s gum line had finally stopped receding and he actually had a few 3’s in the front!

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Why Turmeric Works

Apparently, turmeric’s main active ingredient is curcumin which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is also a very strong antioxidant. Additionally, this article discusses the oral benefits of turmeric. The article points to research which showed turmeric was as effective as the leading prescription formula for fighting off periodontal disease. In particular it states, “Turmeric contains approximately 3–4% curcumin by dry weight. This yellow pigmented polyphenol has been studied extensively in human clinical research as a natural alternative to the common mouthwash ingredient known as chlorhexidine for the treatment of gingivitis, “inflammation of the gum tissue.”

My Husband’s Next Appointment

My husband has been gone back to the dentist again and I’m happy to say that his gum condition has continued to improve. He still has problems with the back of his mouth, which is very disappointing to him, but overall his gum health has improved tremendously. I too have also continued to use turmeric as part of my own dental hygiene routine. Alas my teeth are still not whiter (from what I can tell) but I am grateful I’m not dealing with painful gums swelling anymore. By the way, it’s not turning our teeth yellow. Although I can’t say the same for our toothbrushes! Have you tried brushing with turmeric? If not would you consider it? Let me know below.

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Brush Your Teeth With Turmeric?

Originally published at on January 30, 2016.

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