Show Your Body Some Love…

….With Lemons

Lemons have great benefits for your body:

  • boost vitamin C levels
  • easy and gentle way to detox
  • fight free radicals in your body
  • helps body to produce collagen (think wrinkle reducer)
  • help in digestion and ease upset stomachs
  • increase a person’s mood

Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning was an early routine I added in my health journey and it’s one that I continue to do to this day. The fact that I don’t enjoy my first meal of the day until around 11am, together with lemon water, helps my body in the detox process it started during the night.

There are different ways you can add lemon water to your mornings. You can drink it warm, at room temperature, or you can drink it cold by freezing the squeezed lemon juice in ice trays and then adding as many as you want to your water.

Start off by juicing 1/2 a lemon and see how you like it. If it’s too mild add more lemon juice. If it’s too strong, cut the amount of lemon juice to 1/4. Play around with it and find what works for you!

The amount of lemon water you drink in the morning is up to you. Recommendations range from 8 oz to 24 oz. To figure this out, the question you need to ask yourself is: “will I have access to a bathroom within 15–20 min after drinking this?” If the answer is no, I would go with the lower range. You don’t want a “potty emergency” sitting in traffic!

I juice about 1–1/2 to 2 lemons in 16–20 oz of water. A tip to getting more juice out of your lemons is to press and roll them on your counter for a few seconds. When in the budget I buy organic lemons but often times I use non-organic ones. If using non-organic, make sure you wash the lemons before juicing as some of the oil from the peel will mix in with the juice!

What Lemon Water Cannot Do

Exaggerations are all over the internet about the benefits of lemon water. For instance, there are studies out associating increased water intake to weight loss, however, they do not specifically give lemon water the credit for this as some sites claim. Also, some sites claim that lemon water will flush out stored toxins and adjust the pH of the body. Again, water (in general) is important to the body because it helps to remove waste products made by the body. However, lemon water hasn’t been shown to have any special ability to make this process more efficient. The only internal pH lemon water is known to adjust is your urine.

Alternatives To Lemon Water

If lemons are too much for you, then substitute apple cider vinegar (ACV) in its place. ACV also has many wonderful benefits for your health and body so you can’t go wrong if you opt for this instead of lemons. I would start out by adding ¼ teaspoon to whatever volume of water you chose and increase the amount of ACV in ¼ teaspoon steps until you get to an amount you’re comfortable with.

There are many variations for how to drink lemon water. Try adding fresh ginger and/or honey to increase the benefits and improve the taste if you don’t like it plain. Whether you enjoy it warm or at room temperature (like I do), it’s something easy that you can do for your body and your body will thank you for it!

Do you drink lemon water or ACV? If so, when do drink it? If not, are you willing to try one? Comment below.

Show Your Body Some Love…

Originally published at on February 19, 2016.