The 21 day streak.How building habits works.

It’s funny that by the time I’ve gotten around to writing about this I’ve only established a singular habit using this technique.

This simple habit forming technique is nothing new.The premise is very simple ,if you repeat a particular task at a particular time of the day for a time period of around 21 days in other words establish a streak of sorts.

This habit formation technique trains the brain to not resist performing an action which must be the habit you want to establish to such a degree that it will almost signal you to do it.

But maintaining the streak will unfortunately be very difficult.And the reason for that is :as soon as you assign anything new and particular with importance in your life your brain does one of two things.It either tries its best to forget it/ignore it or if we persist with its importance long enough it will give it code red status if you know what I mean.Example: You won’t necessarily remember all three of the most important points you read in that non-fiction book you read last month,but you certainly would’ve if you read it enough times in the last 3 weeks.Right?

Make no mistake its a process and not a trick.

And even though this technique works best for smaller habits.Small habits are the ones which will shape your day much like the little trimtab directs a ship.

I indulged myself to try this habit forming technique many years ago when I was in need of an extra couple of hours each morning and again 21 days ago i decided that I wanted to write more,to read more and to code more ,so in wanting to get up at 4:00 AM everyday I was overcome by a profound effect on the seventh day after I decided to shut of the alarm clock.On the morning of the 8th day I woke up in a sweat only to hear the first of the chirping birds eager to get the worm,presumably.