An Exercise in Commitment. Part 4

The one where Tanishq goes on vacation.

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The main news for this week is as follows:

  • Data from this past week
  • Changes to my routines
  • Starting Juggling!! + next steps

Data from this past week:

June 29th — July 2nd were difficult because I was on a road trip. I was mountain climbing for the most of that time, and so I didn’t think it was appropriate to do my squash and chin-up training during that time, at the risk of overtraining.

Here is an unnecessarily dramatic photo from my climbing.

I brought work with my for Spanish, but only really spent one day (July 1st) doing the practice. I decided to write this whole section off as N/A, and count it as a vacation.

Other than that, I notice pretty consistent effort in regards to Duolingo practice. Anki has been difficult to keep up (reflection in the next section). Chin ups have gone quite well, but could be a bit better. Squash has been really tough, mainly due to equipment/facility access limitations.

I tried to meet my goal of doing these tasks first thing in the morning instead of night (as mentioned in my last post), but that really did not work for me. I hate mornings too much… Will revisit this is adherence continues to be a problem (hard to tell this week due to road trip interruption)

Changes to my routines:

The question I have now, is how can I make this better. My areas that need improvement are as follows:

  • Spanish — Anki practice

I downloaded an Anki flashcard deck of the most common Spanish words, and tried to do 15 cards a day. However, I have found that this form of learning was not beneficial at all. I really disliked the process and as a result did not do it as often as I should have been.

I recently bought a copy of the Walking Dead comic book in Spanish, and have opted to switch out the Anki training for this instead. I have learned a lot these past weeks, and am feeling comfortable enough with some basic vocabulary to be able to benefit from reading the comic books! Aiming for 20 minutes of combined Duolingo + comic book reading per day. Hopefully this will help with adherence!

  • Squash frequency of training

I have been struggling with playing squash everyday (and don’t think it is wise to do so). I think I will scale this back to the goal of 3x a week instead, as there are facility costs. Definitely noticing the role accessibility of resources plays in being able to commit to these goals.

Starting Juggling!!! + next steps

As I mentioned last post — I will now be spicing things up and adding my first short-term goal to the mix.

Just to reiterate, my theory is as follows.

  • Spanish, one armed chin ups, and squash are all long term goals that require my continued effort for 6 months to get good at
  • Juggling, the harmonica and unicycling are skills that I believe I can learn in 1–2 months of intense, daily practice.
  • I spend the last 6 weeks developing a routing for the first 3 skills, and will now be focusing on juggling for the next month (in combination with the other 3 skills).

So now my daily routines will be:

  • 20 minutes Spanish (duolingo + comic book reading)
  • Chin ups (4–6 sets of 80% max volume)
  • Squash 3x a week (not a daily routine, but included here for simplicity)
  • 15 minutes of juggling practice (specifics TBD this week!)

All of the above (except squash) will take up about 1 hour a night. My plan is to do it every night as part of my nightly routine. I have early mornings these days, so that means bed by 11:30 PM. So I will have to start my daily routine at 10:30 PM each night.

Ok thats all for now.

Bye friends :)