Top MBBS colleges in Barbados (2018 rankings)

Barbados is one of those few highly educated countries topping the list by boasting a literacy rate of 100%. Affirmatively, the education system of the country is beyond doubt one of the best in the world. This makes Barbados a potential and attractive destination for pursuing higher education. Taking into account the education culture of Barbados, the country does not fail to put up with some of the best medical universities with world-class infrastructure providing world-leading medical education. The graduates from these world-leading colleges of Barbados are given the opportunity to attend various international seminars and conferences even while pursuing the MBBS and after the completion from these top colleges of Barbados. It’s utmost important for a student to choose the best college for his/her course. Thus, it is worth taking note of these top MBBS colleges of Barbados: 1. Bridgetown International University 2. Lincoln American University 3. Victoria University of Barbados 4. University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine (Cave Hill) 5. American University of Integrative Sciences The advantage of these universities being in the top MBBS colleges in Barbados overwhelms of the affordability and international recognition of the MBBS degree. They are very engaged with the international medical community, and international students bring experiences from many different cultures and countries which is recognized to enrich everyone’s experience. The Barbados medical education system attracts first-class minds both from within the country and internationally. The system offers them carefully planned teaching and experiences with experts and researchers in the field that develops their potential. Many go on to be world leaders in clinical practice, research, teaching and authoring textbooks, and papers. Medical students studying MBBS in these Barbados medical colleges also get a chance to do clinical rotations program of 2 years in teaching hospitals in USA and UK which is a great opportunity for them. All these universities are well recognized in the World Health Organization’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”, thus giving them international recognition. They are also recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India(MCI). Furthermore, the MBBS program of these universities is duly accredited and recognized by all the regulatory bodies in the medical field like World Federation of Medical Education(WFME), FAIMER, NAC, ECFMG, AMEE, GAME. Although these universities come in the top MBBS colleges in Barbados, they are very affordable even after providing world-class medical education and having world-class infrastructure.