Android Call recording App supporting Lollipop

If you are listening to any song or watching any movie, you may be in the mood to record any song or capture any movie dialogue. It is obvious that you will prefer to use an audio recorder for recording, which is a common feature in every smartphone. But, looking towards the new advancement in technology, this feature has been dropped from the majority of smartphones.

Subsequently, you apparently encounter several applications on Google Play Store, right? When you move into the world of apps, you may find so many apps on Play Store. And if you are looking for buying the best application, pick the Total Recall android call recorder app and get started with your recording. This call recording app allows you to record conversation that you make with your smartphone.

This auto call recorder app was introduced by developers of US in the year 2004, not only providing basic call and audio recording feature, this app also hold more exciting functions like password protection option wherein you can set your secret code for your entire recording session. The process of downloading and installation is very simple and also it comes with easy user-friendly interface, which makes expedient for any regular user to operate and run this app. You can get this app downloaded for 30 days trial period wherein you can undergo the working of this app.

As you all know the festive season Christmas is approaching, Total Recall is offering tempting deals that is up for grabs. You can now acquire this android call recorder app, in just 50 percent price cut of actual price. Is in it astounding! Many of them have already got this app installed on their device and are enjoying benefits of this application. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this app now, as this offer will last only till 25 December 2014.

Total Recall comes with incredible features like recording ongoing calls, i.e. both outgoing and incoming calls. The recording starts at the moment you pick call or make call. Now, you can cherish all your memories and chats via this recording app. Not only ongoing calls, but this app also records audio files via Microphone i.e. you can trace meetings, conferences, speeches, lectures, interviews, record songs, capture a movie dialogues, etc with crystal clear quality and no beep sound.

The recorded files could be stored into your device storage and you may also hoard it at the cloud server by adding files on Google drive, Gmail inbox, sound cloud, Evernote and Dropbox. You can record these files for future reference. For auto upload setting, you can see 3 lists of option, you need to activate those options which allow you to record some specific contact, or all contact or ignore all contacts. You can also spot an option of creating folders under the audio setting menu, which helps you find contacts by name, date, etc. This flirtation setting will help you save loads of your time.

At the present time, this simple auto call recorder app is still receiving updates from the developers to perk up its functionality persistently. Also you can find its latest version 2.0.24 on Play Store. In conjunction with supporting all android versions, this app is supporting Lollipop version as well.

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